Technical Services System

Their Excellent Service Sets Them Apart

By Joseph Lilli

Technical Services System (TSS) of San Antonio provides world-class telecommunications products and services that have been exceeding the expectations of its customers for 25 years. And, when customers call – there’s always a friendly voice on the other end of the line.

Although the company is in the business of selling, installing, and maintaining business telephone systems, as well as installing and servicing data networks, it is their service excellence that sets them apart from the competition. “Once we get acquainted with a customer, we seldom ever outright lose them,” says Sam Builta, owner of TSS.

They maintain customer loyalty for several reasons. First, Sam and his team of telecommunications professionals are proactive in satisfying their customers and meeting their every need. For one, they do the job right the first time. And soon after an service technicians returns from a client job, a company representative calls the customer – before any bill is sent.

“We ask them if we solved their problem and are they satisfied with the work we completed,” Sam states. “We work hard to keep our customers happy and that, in turn, pays off with considerable repeat business and a significant number of referrals.”

Quick Response Time

Second, TSS knows a company’s telephone system and data network represent the communication lifeline of their business. When their phones aren’t working, they could be losing business. It also cripples internal communication between offices, departments, work stations, moderns, and fax lines. That’s why when any one of their more than 2,000 customers has a telecom emergency, TSS is quick to respond.

Technical Services System (TSS) of San Antonio knows
a company’s telephone systems and data network
represent the communication lifeline of their business.

For instance, a CPA firm recently called TSS late in the day and requested immediate help. Another company that had been working on the CPA firm’s data network for three days had failed to get it working. The CPA firm needed to send out documents over the network that day. Sam immediately dispatched on of his professionals to the CPA office and within an hour the network was operational.

Third, TSS believes in providing the highest quality products and workmanship to their customers, A TSS office sign quietly supports this belief: Quality is remembered after price is forgotten.

“Our customers can expect only the highest quality installations from us,” declares Sam. “Anybody can go to the supply house and by the same quality materials as we do, but you’ll find there’s a big difference in how some companies install them. We always install equipment according to correct industry standards, we hook up wires using the nationally accepted color codes, and we always do the proper testing.”

Services All Major Brands

TSS is a dealer for Avaya, NorStar, Panasonic and NEC, but maintains service information and parts for all of the other major telephony brands. It provides voice, data, and fiber optic cabling, business telephone systems, IP PBX telephone systems, programming for phone equipment and voice mail, multiple site networking, and many other telephony applications.

The company has an experienced team of full-time employees, including technicians stationed in Laredo, Del Rio, and Austin. All technicians are factory trained, certified, and highly proficient in using the latest, cutting-edge technology.

“We can provide customers with a new systems, repair a existing system, or even relocate an existing system,” says Sam. “We are able to work on virtually any brand and we carry a large inventory, both in our shop and our trucks, so that we can provide our customers with the necessary equipment should they have a defective component or need a new system installed.”

TSS operates primarily in San Antonio and the surrounding area, including Sequin, Lockhart, Luling, Kerrville, Boerne, and New Braunfels, but occasionally services customer projects in other states and in Mexico. Customers include small, medium, and large-sized companies representing doctors, lawyers, accountants, manufacturing companies, banks, restaurants, hotels, and schools. Several national construction companies also call on TSS to wire telephone systems and data networks in newly constructed buildings and rehab projects.