Northern Telecom Meridian


Northern Telecom Meridian

One of the top PBX telephone systems in the world.  This system will support a medium to large office environment and the telephones are very user friendly.

Key Benefits

LCD display available
Hands free speakerphone available
Programmable buttons

Product Description




f you simply require single-line functionality, the M2006 provides basic, economical communications typically required in lobbies, cafeterias, and warehouse locations. In addition to one line key, five programmable keys provide one-touch access to features that will save you time. Features such as Conference, Transfer and Call Forward. In limited access areas such as a lobby or night entrance, keys can easily be programmed to automatically dial specific departments such as Security, Human Resources, Purchasing, or others.




M2008 and M2008HF

The M2008 and M2008HF telephones are designed for professionals, technical specialists and other office staff who rely on the telephone as a constant business tool. Eight programmable keys provide one-touch access to single or multiple lines, along with a broad range of time saving features. Our newest model, the M2008HF, includes a high quality built-in speakerphone for economical hands free communications.




The M2216ACD digital telephone is designed for the specialized requirements of agents and supervisors in the call center environment. The M2216ACD telephone can be customized for a variety of call center configurations to enable agents and supervisors to provide callers with a high level of customer service in the most effective and efficient way possible. The M2216ACD set includes a standard built-in 2-line x 24 character alphanumeric display that provides vital incoming call information required by agents for customized greetings. Dual headset jacks enable supervisors to train and monitor agents’ performance while they are online with a caller.





The M2616 is designed for people who require multiple lines and quick access to a broad range of features, as well as the convenience of high quality, built-in hands free communications. By adding one or two 22-button Key Expansion Modules, the basic complement of 16 programmable keys can be increased to 38 or 60 keys for additional lines or access to powerful Meridian 1 features.





M2006 $ 145.00 CALL
M2008 $ 337.00 CALL
M2616 $375.00 CALL
M2216 $325.00 CALL


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